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At Elia Chiropractic, our focus is to ensure you receive the world-class treatment you deserve. We provide safe and effective spinal healthcare, to help you banish that bothersome pain from your life, all inside a warm, friendly environment.

When you come in for your first visit, you will be asked to complete new patient paperwork. You can also download it and fill it out in advance to save time. Once complete, please print it off and bring it in with you to your first visit. We ask you to please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment to complete the necessary initial paperwork.

The chiropractor will ask you specific questions to learn more about your health and how your problem is affecting you.
After reviewing your case, a comprehensive examination of strength, range of motion, neurological, orthopaedic and chiropractic testing is performed.

The examination will include a postural assessment to help identify your postural distortions and ways of spinal correction through treatment and exercise prescription.

Where necessary, the chiropractor may refer you out for X-rays (bulk-billed by Medicare) or alternative testing procedures to further gain insight into your spinal health and how it be contributing to your pain.
The findings from your evaluation will be explained to you and an individually tailored care plan will be provided to you for your recommended chiropractic visits. Your progress will be monitored regularly with periodic examinations and check-ups.
You will receive the best and most current evidence-based treatments that are specifically tailored to address and relieve your condition. We ensure everyone receives a high quality of care so that they can enjoy freedom from debilitating pain and discomfort.

What to Expect After Your First Adjustment?

Response following a chiropractic adjustment may vary greatly from person to person depending on the cause and how long a problem has been present. Most people however will feel much better after an adjustment, feeling more relaxed and flexible afterward.

The relief in some instances might not last for too long. This is because the body takes time for your muscles to be trained to hold your joints in proper alignment. Just like starting an exercise program for the first time, your body needs time to adjust to the right posture.

Some people however might feel minor discomfort after an adjustment. You might feel achy or sore but this should not last for more than 24 hours after an adjustment. If you have any concerns after your adjustment, please speak with your chiropractor on what you can do to relieve the discomfort.

There are also some people that won’t feel any different after an adjustment. This doesn’t mean the adjustment do anything, it’s just how your body has responded to it. It might take a couple of days for you to notice any changes in your body, but it’s really important to stick to your chiropractor’s treatment plan so you don’t have to live with the pesky pain anymore!

What Should I do After an Adjustment?

Follow the instructions given to you by your chiropractor as they will be specific to your individual needs. Try to:

  1. Drink plenty of water (approximately 2 litres per day) to help keep the body well hydrated and flush away the toxins from your body.
  2. Walk for 5 minutes after an adjustment.
  3. Use an ice pack to help reduce any swelling and pain. Apply for 10 minutes ON, 10 minutes OFF, 10 minutes ON and repeat as needed.
  4. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits
  5. Avoid alcohol and smoking
  6. Take supplements when required like magnesium for reducing muscle cramps, fish oil and glucosamine for reducing pain and discomfort, and multivitamins and minerals to boost healing. Before taking any supplements, please speak to the chiropractor, GP or allied health professional.
  7. Keep active, do your exercises and/or stretches. Your chiropractor may prescribe you some exercises and/or stretches in order to help improve and strengthen your spine. It is important you do them to ensure your spine is strong enough to prevent the re occurrence of injury.
  8. Get plenty of sleep to allow your body to recuperate and repair. Make sure you sleep on a proper pillow that supports the structure of your neck – your neck vertebrae should be level with the rest of the spine.
  9. Keep to all your scheduled appointments to ensure you are receiving the best possible care for your health and wellbeing.

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